Trillions: Thriving In the Information Ecology
Presenter: Mickey McManus, President & CEO MAYA

The web is over, it was a cute lab experiment, the sort of toy that Nature watches her children play with and laughs. Six billion mobile devices. Eight? Ten? Cute as a button. What will happen when we climb the next mountain? When instead of information being "in" computers; people, products, environments, and cultures begin to live "in" the information?

What does it mean when your khakis, your T-shirt, your soap dispenser, your paper towels, your home, your community, has an API? When they all join the social network and stream billions of bits of information from trillions of connections? If apps can become billion dollar businesses by selling features for 99 cents today, what will happen when we enter the realm of T-commerce, where a trillion sales of a fraction of a penny birth entirely new industries?

The concept of Containerization was introduced during the SXSW presentation by Mickey McManus. This video explains what a "container for information" is, why there are no standards for them today, and why there will have to be in the future.

In the 1960s, the shipping industry revolutionized international commerce by agreeing to standardize the size of shipping containers. We argue that some similar simple agreements in the world of computing will cause a similar explosion in the ability of devices to communicate. In fact, we think that we won’t get very far at all up Trillions Mountain without one (that is…exactly one) universal standard for transporting information.