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Dynamic Product Equilibrium

Mickey McManus
March 12, 2014 in Articles

A MAYA Paper by CEO Mickey McManus explores the effect that feedback loops will have on product development in a connected world.

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Big(ger) Data Pushes The Boundaries

Mickey McManus
January 9, 2014 in Articles

The growth of mobile over the past two decades has been unprecedented. Device penetration, and how we have integrated mobile phones into our daily routine, has reshaped entire industries, transformed commerce and impacted our society at all levels. What’s next?

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Introducing, the Agency of Trillions

January 8, 2014 in Articles

You may have heard the news that MAYA Design has just launched a brand new innovation firm, Agency of Trillions.

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Happy Holidays from the MAYA Companies!

January 3, 2014 in Articles

This year our holiday card takes a look at our year in numbers.

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An Architecture of Play

Jon Larkin
July 29, 2013 in Articles

As human-centered designers, we can draw a lot of inspiration from the philosophy and science of game design and apply that knowledge toward making successful products that people love to use.

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MAYApinion: App Engagement Metrics

David Bishop
May 31, 2013 in Articles

Measuring usability and user satisfaction is a best practice and a key to success, but our experience is that few projects advance to the point where they’re accomplishing this — measuring usability or acting on what they learn. Unfortunately, there is no simple recipe or silver bullet, but even the effort put into determining what’s important will be valuable to your design process.

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Information Architecture Redux

Jon West
April 29, 2013 in Articles

A thoughtful client recently asked me to explain the value of information architecture for customers and end-users.

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MAYA Talks to Make about Twitter-Powered Oreos

MAYA’s Stephen Spencer gives Make Magazine a tour of the Trending Vending machine at SXSW Interactive.

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Twitter-Tailored Oreo Cookies Sweeten SXSW

The Wall Street Journal highlights MAYA’s “Trending Vending” machines created for Oreo at SXSW Interactive.

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MAYA Design Launches Innovation Firm, Agency of Trillions

MAYA Press Release

New agency merges marketing, making and human-centered design to help brands navigate the Internet of Things and beyond.

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